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 Notary On The Go, located in LEHIGHTON and Allentown, PA is at your service within a 30 mile radious. We offer reliable Notarial services at your convience by appointment only. After hours services.

 To professional offices, Nursing, convalescence  and personal care homes, public libraries, restaurants and Hospitals. 

Example services:  Advance Directive for Health Care Form (Living Will)

Medical Consent Authorizations Form

Standby Guardianship Form


Advance Directive for Health Care Form (Living Will)

          This living will form provides instructions on medical decision-making for an individual who is unable to communicate with health care providers. Each form also comes with a Durable Health Care Power of Attorney form and space for acknowledgment by the maker and affidavits of two witnesses


Medical Consent Authorizations Form

          A form that allows a designated adult, such as a babysitter, temporary guardian and/or daycare personnel to give consent for emergency medical treatment for a child if parents can Not be contacted. Space is provided for acknowledgment by the maker and affidavits of two witnesses.


Standby Guardianship Form

          A form that designates a guardian to make decisions for minor children for 60 days after their parents die or become unable to make decisions regarding their care. Space is provided for acknowledgment by the maker and affidavits of two witnesses.

Affidavits, Acknowledgements, Oath or Affirmations, Verifications, Depositions. Etc.




( Card Agents are authorised under contract with PennDOT to issue temporary registrations cards when transferring existing registrations from one vehicle to another.  Card Agents cannot issue registration plates.  Permanent registration cards, plates and stickers are issued by PENNDOT.  And can provide motor vehicle and driver licensing services that reguire notarization.)

TEMP WORK:  your secretary, receptionist or office help going on vacation?  Will fill in for the week or longer.  Call to schedule.


All Notarial acts require the personal appearance and proper identification of all parties.  I make no exceptions:  Please don't ask me to violate the Notary Public Law [57P.S. 158.1]

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We can be reached during the following hours: 7 AM TO 5:00 PM. additional fees will be charged before 7 AM and after 5PM.  Please make appiontment or call before appearing.  Thank you for your cooperation.